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The intangible cultural attributes associated with festivals and ceremonies, belief systems, rituals and taboos are indicative of the persistent social life that the landscape represents.

The sacred position of the Hidi as the spiritual head of the community is also underscored by the magnificent dry stone and architectural work in his palace.

Till date, the site is used by film-makers as their shooting location even as Idanre hill plays host to a group of scientists and field researchers.The terrace farming skills and the cattle fattening process which was made possible through the construction of circular cattle pens are good examples of ingenious use of local resources in the community.Oke Idanre Cultural Landscape, Ondo State Oke Idanre Landscape is located at Idanre in Ondo State.Osun-Oshogbo Sacred Groove, Osun State About 1370 AD, the founder of Oshogbo land, Oba Gbadewolu Larooye and a great hunter, Olutimehin settled in the sacred Osun forest to establish the kingdom and thereafter, actualised a pact of association and togetherness with the River Osun deity.The pact, rekindled every August was the foundation of Osun-Oshogbo festival that has culminated into the World's largest tourist attraction.

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