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During smoking breaks, a comparative analysis of everyone’s Chanel purchases of the season is conduced. Ever wonder why Christian Louboutin made men’s studded velvet slippers, who still buys Hervé Leger now that Kim K is done with it, or why Chanel actually put that hot pink Boy Bag into production?

Go to Emmons Avenue on a Saturday night and you will find your answers!

Most of these celebrations take place in the social epicenter of Emmons Avenue at restaurants such as XO, Next Door and Cats Café.

While the men gorge on the infinite buffet of cholesterol-spiking foods, the women explore one of three conversation topics: who cheated on who, who is going to jail, and who has gained weight.

) J is also for Judaism Because, technically, most of these people left Ukraine in their 70s and 80s as Jewish refugees.

While the majority don’t have a very clear understanding of what the Jewish faith entails, they do use Yom Kippur for cleansing purposes and like to force their kids to marry other confused Jews. The quantity and caliber of these little gold handcuffs represent how much your significant other loves you and how many babies you have pushed out to continue his Jewish family name.

B is for Brighton Brighton Beach, a strip of land underneath the eardrum-shattering Q and B train lines, is a time capsule where nothing, including the people, has changed since the late 80’s.All the signage is Russian, all the food is Ukrainian, and all the accountants are ready to assist you on tax manipulation at a moment’s notice.One block away is an actual beach that transitions from geriatric hotspot to Soviet Muscle Beach come June.The only socially acceptable spots in The City, besides Catch and Provocateur in the Meatpacking District, are Onegin, Mari Vanna and oldie but goodie Cipriani!C is also for Courting I have to admit that this is one of the perks, as Russian men love a good chase and won’t hesitate to whip out all the best tricks in the book.

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