Dating rights and responsibilities

This video delivers a strong message against dating abuse and violence.

Teens learn the essentials of a healthy partnership including trust, communication, respect and conflict resolution.

(The real reason for the law is to eliminate the ability of American men to meet and marry foreign women and to keep these women out of the US, a position for which substantial proof is provided here.) NOW and the other knee-jerk feminists objectify and falsely stereotype all foreign women who marry American men as weak, submissive and desperate.

They continually demean these women by calling them a pejorative, “mail order brides”.

Such attitudes are sexist, racist, ethnocentric, gynocentric, xenophobic and they display a breathtaking ignorance of foreign cultures, human relations and international dating.

ODR believes that this law violates US Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, equal protection (is exempted from the law) and the right to privacy and we think Congress must repeal it.

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