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The kids live with their father in Georgia and Casteen visits every month, but she’s suing Parham for custody so they can live with her and Jones in California.

“We had a verbal agreement where I was providing food and clothes for them,” Casteen told Radar

In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, which is dedicated to Beiste.

Touched by it, Beiste shares a group hug with the boys.

Sheldon Beiste, previously Shannon Beiste, is a major character on Glee.

He has been a recurring character since his introduction as a female character in the second season through the sixth season.

Finn suggests that Sam uses Coach Beiste as a way to cool down when he is feeling sexually aroused.

This method is soon adopted by other members of the Glee group including Tina, which causes Mike to confront Shannon demanding he stay away from "his girl".

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Will apologizes and offers to become Beiste's friend despite Shannon's earlier insult of Glee Club, and Shannon accepts.

Later Will finds Beiste clearing out Beistes stuff and after a heartfelt conversation in which Beiste admits to have never been kissed, Will gives Beiste an innocent first kiss.

He then takes Beiste to the choir room, where the boys perform the number, Stop!

Shannon tries to ignore the bullying, which reminds Beiste greatly of Beiste's childhood, and instead pushes on with Beiste's job.

Beiste forces the entire football team to re-tryout, but still offers the team the prank-pizzas when he is forced to buy them.

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