Stroke dating

''Stroke is a crisis that hits the entire family,'' says Dr.

Gail Gurland, a speech pathologist and the program's clinical and research director.

Though no statistics are available on divorce among stroke victims, Mr.

Unexplained bursts of crying or laughing are common. While these symptoms generally disappear in time, they take their toll on the family.She has forgotten that he likes to have the cuffs of his socks turned in a certain way. ''Our children's names are Stephen and Alan,'' he recites. While much has been written about physical changes in stroke, it is only in recent years that information on possible behavorial and emotional changes - and help in coping with them - has been available to victims and their families through so-called stroke clubs.Enraged, he lashes out with his working arm, striking her. ''Our children's names are Stephen and Alan.'' The woman stares across the room. The couples described are among 200 families in a club sponsored by Brooklyn College and run by professionals at its speech and hearing center.The club, known as Focus (Families Organized for Community Understanding of Stroke), offers a range of social, educational and rehabilitative programs, including a monthly self-help and support group.There, family members - mostly wives, but also husbands and children - discuss feelings about stroke and strategies for dealing with it.

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