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Some under the radar, some hoping to make it in the entertainment business like their parents.So what are they looking like after all these years?He even made a track with Willow and Jaden that wasn’t too bad, called “Find You Somewhere.” Smiling alongside her dad at red carpet events, she was proud, she was a cutie patootie, and she was young.But these days, Bishop is 18, she’s finished high school and she’s been trying her hand at a different part of the entertainment world–modeling.Wanting to speak his mind on the perils of parenting and his hopes for Destiny, Nas wrote “Daughters” about her, and even had Destiny make a cameo in the video.She’s definitely all grown up, but for the sake of herself and not giving her daddy a heart attack, we hope she’ll keep some aspects of her teenage life on the low low. I think we can all say that Marquis Jackson is a spitting image of his dad.And T’yanna is a student studying at Penn State, still showing love to her father’s legacy with tattoos dedicated to him, including one on the inside of her lip.Back in the day, Nas would give you glimpses of his little lady when pics would pop up of the rapper with his daughter at birthday parties, or even when he would rhyme about her in songs like “Me and You (Dedicated to Destiny).” But Nas got a big shock as a father when his little lady, now 18, was caught posting pictures not too long ago on Instagram of a box in her room filled with condoms, and a white Benz she received that she named after a famous white drug.

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But we had the chance to Blanket’s face, as well as Prince and Paris’ faces, at the funeral of Jackson, and at the time, he was just seven.

She can be seen traveling and hitting red carpets with her fabulous mom, as well as being a great big sister to her baby sis, 4-year-old Tallulah.

Both are of course the children Dash and Roy share together.

Little Ava Dash was of course repping for her dad, Damon Dash, while baring a striking resemblance to her mom, designer Rachel Roy.

She, like all the kids on this list, has grown up fast and just turned 13 last month.

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