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asking my underwear start to touching my *** it is already rock on that time. he knows that it was rock and he hold that my rock completely asking what is this i never opended my *** i am in heaven his his hand was very hard and squeezing my balls nicely and start shaking my ***. After he is told me to remove his cheddy i removed his long chaddi. i am also *** his *** kissing all his parts i said i like your moustache he kissed me lot. his *** is fat and long i am holding in my hand i said yours is big. he tries to hold my *** and started to finger in my hole at the same time he is pushing his tounge inside of my ***. he tried to push his fatty *** to my hole it was not fit. he start to hold one hand to my stomach and another his hand in underwear. first time i am nude with one man he just saw me some time whole body enjoying licking my body every where he is also *** my *** and anus is licking. He does not have any mercy to them he is just squeezing and start *** it was in heaven. I kept one hand on his stomach and with hand took support of the auto. I told him if he can take me to Challaghatta junction. I asked can i sit front as i want to experience sitting in said ok sir come. Posted On Nov 24, 2017 - AMLast saturday i was walking from NAL road towards challaghatta road and looking for auto and got one near More shop. When the conductor came nearby me accidentally I touched his *** from inside my pocket. I never forget that huge *** in my life *** also I taken 35 munites I have his number whatever he will say but I will call again and again but now I'm in Bangalore next month I will go my native and let's me see he will give or not otherwise I will beg him for *** ..ever this my second experience in auto driver one is taverikeri one is my native really friends that's feeling never come back I seduced straight guys they are not given *** for gays because they are thinking they will feel same gayness ok thank you if interested please inbox me ok bye. i reached one day before i took a one bedroom in a normal hotel. I started walking then he came back and told i can drop you there. We went little further then he stopped the auto and it was dark lane and touched my *** and told I want. I said if you want can take ur *** said no he is not in that and was just *** that day to do some fun.

Myself Raisa, hyderabad escorts are the one of the most popular in whole Town, just beacuse we dont entertain fake Calls and Profiles while offering Escort service in Hyderabad. so nxt day mrng once he enjoy me i left that hotel. friends you believe it or not i dont know about sperm. next underwear i removed by the time his *** touching my stomach. Then i said to him this is my first experience i never done this. i cried not to insert my heart start to beat i begged to leave me i dont know what was happened to me. since tht guy's call was abt getng a job for him & i knew tht mr x & his house i told him to come to my house so tht i will take him to mr x . From that time i am searching him not available my hero. Then he turned and started pressing his *** on my hand. Posted On Oct 18, 2015 - PMone evng 1 guy calld me & askd me whether i am mr x . he told me tht mr x gave ths no & told me to call & come so tht he will help me in getting a job . whn he came inside my house he told me tht somethng fell on his pant & want to wash it it in bath room . Then i started wear all my chaddi and shirt i came out of his house and sat silently in my house. when he look at me passing on road he is just smilling me. This time he never talking much he is just started kissing remove my cloth with out my permission started same he is also nude and i am also nude then started bath taking together. lot of days over after that he shifted his house he never say his address when i am not there at time i went grandmother house.

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