Jennifer granholm dating game video

Boyd and Granholm could not stop laughing after watching the video, Boyd said. My hair could've been a nest for an entire family of birds!

"It's living proof that she lived in the bad-hair decade," she said. " The Detroit Free Press reported late Thursday that the video was posted by Marty Nislick of Bayside, N.

After introducing the then-aspiring actress as a lover of "theater, the ice, and the great outdoors," the host, Jim Lange, asks, "Is it crazy time? " Granholm has recently risen to the tops of news feeds for her animated - perhaps overly so, some political consultants have said - and passionate address to the DNC in Charlotte, N.

C., last week, during which she lambasted GOP nominee Mitt Romney and championed President Obama's actions during the Detroit auto industry bailout.

He also welcomes her as "the cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm." Another question Granholm asks: "What form of transportation should all girls be built like and why?

LANSING, MI - After video of her 1978 appearance on "The Dating Game" went viral, a good-natured Jennifer Granholm addressed it briefly on her TV show Friday night. Related: • Watch 'curvaceous' Granholm in 1978 appearance on 'The Dating Game' • Granholm at DNC: Star turn, Howard Dean meltdown or just a hilarious animated gif?

The former Michigan governor showed footage of her choosing bachelor No. "That's just so wrong," she said in a clip that can be seen below. • Watch, read Granholm's convention speech • Granholm: 'I probably shouldn't have gotten so worked up' in convention speech Granholm, governor from 2003-10, hosts "The War Room" on Current TV, a network founded by former Vice President Al Gore.

Jennifer Granholm appeared on "The Dating Game" in 1978. After Granholm's fiery speech to the Democratic National Convention last week - which some have called her Howard Dean moment - a video has surfaced on You Tube of her on the dating show.

She has puffy hair - lots of it - wears tight jeans and suspenders, and asks questions of the three bachelors like "What was the most famous girl you ever dated famous for?

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