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Once I went to get video games for my kids at a store, and when I walked past a teenage boy who was working, he reached down behind the counter and took out air freshener and sprayed it behind my back and said to his colleague, “Check this out! You’re looking around for coughing, sneezing, rubbing the eyes. If someone whispers something to someone else I think they were talking about me. Simple things like getting a haircut or having my nails done.

I used to just let my hair grow until it got to a point where I had to go to a beauty salon, and I’d avoid going to the same place more than once because I had a few incidents where they were nice to me the first time and then when I went back they’d look at their co-workers and say, “Oh no … They can’t see any hope, and then there are people who do the diet and find that while it may not eliminate the odor, it helps.

Body odor is such a taboo subject — I don’t think anyone really feels comfortable going up to someone and saying, “Hey, man — you need a bath!

” After that incident I noticed that my friends would drop similar hints or avoid getting close to me.

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So I started coming up with simple recipes with carefully controlled choline content.Science of Us recently spoke with a 38-year-old woman from Savannah, Georgia, who suffers from TMAU. I have type-two TMAU, the acquired type, which means I developed it later in life. But it’s frustrating because at the same time you want validation that the condition exists. It wasn’t until 2000 when I was pregnant with my first child that the condition kicked in. But, still, because I couldn’t smell it I didn’t know it was happening. We had difficulties with the birth of my son, and while I was in the hospital I met a lady who had a similar pregnancy experience. Then when the babies were about a year old, the weirdest thing happened.It’s a metabolic disorder that prevents your body from converting trimethylamine into another non-odorous compound. I saw therapists who told me I have body dysmorphic disorder and prescribed me several strong antipsychotic drugs to help me with my "psychosis." They told me I had a mental problem. She started giving me little hints in conversation.The climax came when both our families went out for dinner and her husband told a crude joke involving a woman who had really bad smell, downstairs, you know in “that” department.After he told the joke he laughed and said directly to me, “Well, there’s a joke you can appreciate.”Nobody had said anything up to that point?

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