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Prosecutors want to compare this photograph to the one the teen sent to his girlfriend, establishing that they depict the same thing.Some astute logicians might point out the irony of the police effectively creating child pornography in order to prosecute someone for creating child pornography, though long-time readers of Carlos Flores Laboy, appointed the teen’s guardian ad litem in the case, said he thought it was just as illegal for the Manassas City police to create their own child pornography as to investigate the teen for it.There are also other hidden areas which can be explored, and several more areas will be available with a DLC that will be released later.Hollow Fragment's gameplay system is similar to the Infinity Moment's gameplay system.

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Players need to first complete a task, called «Implementation of OSS that links multiple Sword Skills», in the "Implement Element" system that researches the possibility of implementing multiple attacks with Sword Skills.As for the game's battle system, while it is defaulted to the automatic attack system in previous game, players can also switch to a manual attack system upon their desire.An Original Sword Skill System is included in this game, but it completely differs from the Original Sword Skill system that appeared in ALfheim Online in the original series.The system in Hollow Fragment is more similar to Kirito's Outside System Skill, «Skill Connect».After unlocking the system, all Sword Skills the player uses will display a special purple light flash on Kirito's avatar that marks the time during which Skill Connect is possible.

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