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I’ve missed some good days out there and the Shearwater is currently back in the basement, where I’ve been too busy to get the necessary paint and varnish back on it to enjoy as much fall sailing as I should be doing.That all being said, I’ve gotten some good work on furniture done, and I have two events next weekend where someone interested in seeing my furniture in person could easily do so without making an appointment.The first is Gifted, ADX’s annual holiday event with lots of vendors and holiday cheer. Come check it all out either day, though I’ll also have a new whale assembled and present at Gifted. My blog somehow seems to attract possibly more attention for the Waldorf movable classroom benches I built for a small school two years ago than for just about any other subject.It will go from 12 till 9 on Saturday, December 12. Still in progress, this piece will be freshly upholstered and ready to sell this weekend. Many people have asked for plans, and I apologize for the wait.

The final jig fits above the stretcher is clamped to the leg to hold the rails steady while their pilot holes are drilled, and the screws are driven into them.8 finish washers in size appropriate for those screws.I am not providing the number of sheets of plywood or the number of 2×4’s because the amounts will all depend on the number of benches.Especially if you think students will be flipping the benches over to use the stretcher as a balance beam.The length can be measured from a full size drawing.

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