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Roughly 900 years before this finding, the Skuldelev ships were filled with stones and deliberately sunk to sabotage any enemy fleet unfamiliar with the fjord.

To facilitate the archelogical “dig,” steel walls were placed around the sunken ships, and the water was pumped out.

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Roskilde is situated on a sheltered fjord in northern Zealand, Denmark’s major island that houses Copenhagen.

Little islands emerged so that the archeologists could carefully extract the water-logged wood.

Every piece was recorded, and replicas were created.

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Charlemagne made an alliance with England and sought to spread Christianity all over Europe through violent means if necessary.

The result hangs in the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.

Like most puzzles that have been lying around for too long, the five ships have a few pieces missing. These things would definitely not float, like, at all, but it is amazing to see the craftsmanship of the Vikings, who were skilled builders and seafaring explorers.

Though little known to many outsiders, Roskilde is the former capital, dating to the 11th century during the Viking Age.

The city was supposedly founded by King Harald Bluetooth, who is kind of a big deal in Scandinavian history.

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