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Major Case is involved in the murder of David Alan Basche who was one of those hated money changers of Wall Street.

There is however a connection to Inwood that involves both love and money.

Cemetery removals, which were common in 19 century Manhattan, were not a thorough process and inevitably some remains were left behind; the fragments found at the site during the 2006 excavations are believed to be from the Chrystie Street African Burial Ground. Roosevelt Park is named in memory of the burial ground.

Non-New Yorkers might not know, but Inwood is at the top of Manhattan and at one time was the Irish neighborhood in the borough.

I talked to him this morning and I was like, 'Who cares? The couple have been seen out on the town in Manhattan, with Hoda taking her love as her guest to the 25th annual Chris Evert/Raymond James pro-celebrity tennis classic gala in November in Florida, where she was one of the celebrity players.

They also joined Hoda's best friend Karen Swensen and her family at a Yankees game.

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Philip’s Church, which was founded in 1809 as the first African American Episcopal parish in New York City.

In 1795, after the closure in 1794 of the African Burial Ground near Duane Street and Broadway, the African Society asked the City of New York for, and was granted, property on the west side of Chrystie Street between Stanton and Rivington for use as a new burial ground.

The African Society, a group composed of about 30 free black Episcopalians, established the “Grounds as a Burial place to Bury Black persons of Every denomination and Description whatever in this City whether Bond or Free.” Trinity Church, the City, and various individuals aided the Society with money to purchase the 50-foot x 200-foot property situated at today’s 195-197 Chrystie Street.

And a tradition of not snitching which tradition runs as strong as it does in On The Waterfront.

Goren and Eames even get a consultation from her father who was a detective years ago.

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