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You might want to take all of this information into serious consideration before casting your vote in the November election.

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Al Gore and cronies continue getting richer from the global warming hoax But the global warming crowd continues to push their agenda on the public while lining their pockets in the process.

If you’re still inclined to believe what Al Gore has to say about global warming, please consider the fact that since he embarked on his crusade, his wealth has grown from million in 2001 to 0 million in 2016 – largely due to investments in fake “green tech” companies and the effective embezzlement of numerous grants and loans.

And, of course, there are the more than 31,000 American scientists (to date) who have signed a petition challenging the climate change narrative and 9,029 of them hold Ph Ds in their respective fields.

But hey, Al Gore and his cronies have also ignored that inconvenient truth, as well.

“Al Gore may emerge from the shadows to declare victory in the ‘global warming’ debate if Hillary Clinton moves into the White House.

Yes, if that happens and the new climate regulations become the law of the land, they will be next to impossible to overturn for four to eight years.” Climate change proponents remain undeterred in their mission, ignoring numerous recent scientific findings indicating that there has been no warming trend at all for nearly two decades.

One of the experts is weather channel founder, John Coleman, who warns that huge fortunes are being made by man-made climate change proponents such as Al Gore.Plaža se sastoji od bezbroj pješčanih uvala koje se prostiru u dužini od 4-5 km, sve do grada Makarske. Gostoljubivost domaćina začin je koji jamči dobar odmor.Zaljubljenicima prirode krajolik pruža dovoljno izazova. So don’t waste another night, join the fastest growing and most dynamic network of singles in your area now, and find someone today! A Few Thoughts About Online dating at mate1Website . Rating of mate 1 unsubscribe Visit to Best Online dating at mate 1 unsubscribe Looking For mate 1 unsubscribe?

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