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She looked up and held her things in front of her treasurers to 'hide' them??

How far, can a naked bitch get, chained right hand to left foot.

Through a sea of white, and the pounding of her brain, Claudia perceived HIM standing there smiling down on her displayed nudity.

The steady pounding in her head, was now joined by a stabbing pain, deep inside the fold of her crotch.

Um Look I Aaaauauauau" She started but I caught her left calf with my nice thick belt.

Claudia was not really with it, but the pull of the unyielding chain against her soft secret flesh, made her cooperation mandatory.

As I slammed the lid and I ordered, "I want a nice little nude fuck bunny when I open this again or I'm gonna take my belt to your ass.

" Leaving her there, I went around to the car door, got in, adjusted the seat and mirror, and drove it out of the lot.

As I had warned her, I removed my belt and advanced upon the frightened cowering woman.We’ll ask you to confirm this for your first post to Facebook."This ain't some damn no count bridge game or ladies social tea, BITCH!I love to spend wonderful moments with an interesting man.I'm sure you are here, somewhere, I am waiting for you. I love to do sport, I hope I can share with you all my passions.

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