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Another line of enquiry is suggested by the possible inheritance of the position of advocatus of the abbey of Stavelot. Adalard has not otherwise been identified, although his name is relatively common among the Frankish nobility in the 9th and 10th centuries (see the document FRANKS, CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY).

A family relationship between this early Comte Adelard and the later comtes de La Roche of the family of the comtes de Namur is suggested because the latter also held the post of advocatus of Stavelot (see LOWER LOTHARINGIAN NOBILITY).

At that time, the suzerain of the castle was Frdric Duke of Upper Lotharingia, who is recorded in the charter of grant as giving his approval to the acquisition.

The descendants in the male line of Count Siegfried continued to rule Luxembourg until 1136, when Count Konrad II died (see Chapter 1), although it was only from the late 11th century that primary sources routinely refer to the head of the family as "Comte de Luxembourg".

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The new king had little territorial influence in Germany outside his own county.

In order to increase his power, he arranged the marriage of his son Jean to the heiress of the kingdom of Bohemia in 1310.

There is considerable uncertainty about the reconstruction of the early generations of the descendants of Count Siegfried, particularly in relation to their family connections to the Grafen von Gleiberg (see the document FRANCONIA NOBILITY) which are discussed below.

When Comte Conrad II died in 1136, he was succeeded as Comte de Luxembourg by his first cousin Henri de Namur (see Chapter 2), the son of his paternal aunt Ermensende.

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