Updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion

You can then recreate the connections by importing the details from the file.

To export, right-click the Subversion node in the Subversion Navigator and choose Export Connections.

Before you begin, you need to know the location of the Subversion repository where you would like to store your JDeveloper projects.

For the example used in this guide, a URL is used, as follows: Another piece of information that could be useful is the location of the directory that holds your JDeveloper application, although this will be set from the context in which you invoke the wizard. On the Destination page, make sure that the Repository Connection box contains the URL (or connection name, if you gave it one) for the repository that you created earlier: In general, you should select the location in the repository you want to import to.

This guide takes you through the necessary steps to install Subversion and configure JDeveloper for use with it.

You will then be taken through some common scenarios encountered when working with Subversion in JDeveloper.

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The JDeveloper Subversion VCS extension is available via the official Oracle update center.

These checked out files become your "working copies".

You import existing JDeveloper projects using JDeveloper's Import to Subversion wizard.

If you have previously been using Subversion as your versioning system, you will already have a repository that you can connect to through JDeveloper.

In the Subversion Navigator ( View Subversion Navigator), right-click the Subversion node and select New Repository Connection.

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