Wpf binding not updating source

Run Demo You can now populate a chart with data from a Data Grid via the Control Row Source control.

Control Row Source allows you to specify the Data Grid rows to be visualized: selected, currently visible or all. Run Demo With this release, the Legend Text Pattern property allows you to configure legend text for a series using the disabled Color Each mode.

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Documentation This release includes significant enhancements to the in-memory data processing capabilities of the Dev Express Pivot Grid Control.Note that the DPI-Aware option must be set to true in the application manifest.You can highlight, strikethrough or underline text using the corresponding tool in the Win Forms PDF Viewer’s Comment toolbar.Run Demo The scaling factor specified in the operating system's display settings is used when a document is displayed on high DPI devices.The images below demonstrate the impact of this new feature. The desktop scaling factor (greater than 100%) is set to 125% in the operating system's display settings.

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