What is karrine steffans dating

According to the Seametrics portal, about 780 million people in the world live without access to drinking water, over two billion rely on wells to obtain water and by 2050 the planet will be five times drier than it is today.

When Yulia joins Vit in his bedroom the two start sucking face and her perky titties makes an immediate appearance.

Florence: You have expressed your deep love for Lil' Wayne. He exuded so much confidence and control over his life, his business and I saw how the other men around him respected him.

I am only attracted to powerful men because I am a very powerful woman. I think when people hear the word love, they only think about romantic love.

There is still this chivalrous man in there who wants to make sure that you're taken care of. Florence: Do you believe you will be with him exclusively in the future? The way I love Wayne is not the way I love my father. KS: Wayne was the first person, other than my son, who I loved unconditionally. I don't care if you're my mother, father, sister, I will cut you off and not talk to you. Everyone should be that way and not define themselves. Florence: You're a best-selling author who has lived a painful, yet empowering journey.

Resident Hollyweird slop topper Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is still the reigning queen of the slores, despite the fact that it’s been a good seven years since she released her tell-all book putting herself and all the hip-hop heavy weights she slobbed down over the years on blizzy blast.

The folks over at Rolling Out put together a list of the countless high paid ballers she let chop down her shameless ho cakes and what she had to say about each of them personally from Diddy to Jay-Z to Usher to Wycelf and more, including who she claimed gave her the best D she’s ever had.

We’re still shaking our heads at the length of……and people on…list…

Florence: If you could squash one misconception people have about you, what would it be? Never regret sharing your journey because that helps other people in theirs, so no one should regret that.

KS: I think the ongoing misconception, and it has been for almost ten years, is that I live some sort of wild, sex-crazed life (laughs), whereas the truth of the matter is that in the last 7 or 8 years I've been married several times and have done very little dating. Florence: You are harshly judged because of your past. Florence: In interviews, you mentioned being in abusive relationships in the past. KS: Well, I've always been in abusive relationships.

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