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Yes, even Ex-cons have got back together with girlfriends and wives after being away for years! Now I can almost see you shaking your head in disbelief… Don't you know couples that have gotten back together? Now, that is some really dark stuff and I am not recommending to anyone to take someone back if the relationship was abusive…I am using it as a point that almost NO SITUATION is unsalvageable… What they said..what they did...could be "bottled" so to speak? P-A-N-I-C...defensiveness...arguments..then it gets really nasty. This is …See, it is my opinion that there are really no impossible situations. Now, I also figured that instead of giving you some useless sample...? And once you know and UNDERSTAND and are given just a little guidance on what to do and when to do it…it is like being handed "the recipe" for love if you will… Discover the TELL TALE clues your ex leaves that says you still have a special place in their heart…and I don't care what they say... (Page 5) Do you know the core reason why men leave women? I am SHOCKED most women can't answer this question.

recipe, or secret even, to reigniting passion and recapturing lost love? And then you could "unbottle" it and put it to use? You see there IS a "recipe for love" as well as a recipe for winning back and keeping some ones interest, desire, passion, heart and love… I would be somewhat skeptical right now...that's totally fine! I have seen women not only wait on a man for months, but take back men that have spent years in prison…and... Because not only will you be able to get your ex back, you also will be much better equipped to KEEP THEM long, long into the future… Let's talk about what's inside and how it is going to help you: When You Download You'll Receive These Virtually Immediate Benefits... Use my Fast Forward Technique and get instant relief from emotional break-up pain and depression... Men desire this ONE thing more than any other…give it to them and they will be yours FOREVER. and if she doesn't the #1 technique used by unscrupulous Don Juan's use to steal married women.) (Page 6) Are they with someone else now?

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(Page 46-48) What foods toy with your emotions and what foods help put you in balance.

(Page 60) How to use the Fast Forward Technique to overcome hang ups you may have with dieting, exercise, self esteem and other challenges that stem from negative feelings.

(Page 14) Recapture the romance you had when love your love was new. Not once you learn the magic of Pattern Breaking and you stir in a dose of the techniques in Chapter 4.

Now…I am not saying they were holding some "secret love spell" book and doing weird chants…not at all…at the same time somehow, by MOSTLY accident they said and did the RIGHT THINGS at the RIGHT TIME…and won back the heart of their least created the circumstances where their ex gave them a second chance. To erase old hurts..reignite passion again..turn back to a time when your relationship was fresh, new and exciting. What they did by "accident" can be repeated over and over on PURPOSE! I have seen men take women back that have had MORE THAN ONE AFFAIR… Why this is not nearly as catastrophic as it first appears…and how to use the fact that 90% of rebound relationships never work out to your advantage. How to use the "clean slate" technique in conjunction with one other secret technique and come a looong way to forgiveness in the shortest amount of time.

In fact I joined the US Navy when I was a ripe old 17 years of age. And because I have lived in so many places and changed schools so often as a kid…I had to learn…and learn REALLY FAST…how to get along with people. I can sit down and have some sake with my friend in Tokyo…or pop open a can of suds and fish Lake Dardanelle with an Arkansas "redneck" buddy of mine…makes no difference…

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