Wrong dating number

CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) If the parties have stopped talking to each other. CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) Well -- I can try tracing it.

That was at least five minutes ago and they didn't sound like the type who would make a long call.

If it's a live call, we can trace it on the equipment.

CHIEF OPERATOR: It depends on whether the call is still going on.

SOUND: THE PHONE PICKS UP CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) This is the Chief Operator. I don't know where it came from, or who was making it, but it's absolutely necessary that it be tracked down. STEVENSON: (HIGH-STRUNG, DEMANDING) Well, can you trace it for me?

I want you to trace a call, a telephone call, immediately.

GEORGE: I will make sure that all the lights downstairs are out. It makes a noise, in case her window's open and she should scream.

(AS IF AMUSED) our client does not wish to make her suffer long.

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But if you go on wasting all this time -- CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) Why do you want this call traced, please? CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) Have you reported this to the police?

CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) You want this call checked purely as a private individual? Stevenson, but I'm afraid we couldn't make this check for you and trace the call just on your say-so as a private individual.

But meanwhile -- CHIEF OPERATOR: (FILTER) I'm sorry, Mrs.

In this series are tales calculated to intrigue you, to stir your nerves, to offer you a precarious situation and then ... RINGS FOUR TIMES OPERATOR: (ON FILTER) Your call, please? STEVENSON: Operator, I've been dialing Murray Hill 7-0093 now for the last three quarters of an hour and the line is always busy.


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