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Getting to the point that you may be more interested in..has pretty well gone away after she began doing functional exercises targeted to help her with spinal stability.Your help would be appreciated :) Thanx I will assume you have already had this problem sorted but.i have the same problem i am now almost 31 years old i have had all my spine fused because of my scoliosis due to a defect called klippel fel syndrome even so i have a very large back side and my back dips in greratly i am only 4 ft 10 i have recently toned mybody up but i still look big im now in size 12 clothed but my bum is like 5 inches behind the rest of me yet im 12 12 which makes me morbidly obese in te doctors eyes that is also annoying but i cant see me getting to the 6 stone 7 pounds the doctors want me to be ccause of my height but it makes me feel big cause every one makes me feel massive but if im morbidly obese then how can i fit in size 12 clothes i dont get it?After that I noticed my tailbone protrudes or it seems kind of enlarged.I, too, have shared the fear of what I should do if I ever became intimate with somebody.Big butts fill out jeans and don’t have to worry about stretched out denim.Researchers have also discovered that children who have moms with wider hips sometimes tend to have higher IQs.Does this mean Baby North West is destined to be a genius?

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My butt is actually one of my favorite things about myself, so obviously I don’t think it’s a bad thing.We’re not totally sure why she was having her photo taken, but she was totally rocking the bootylicious pose.They make us more heart-healthy According to researchers at Harvard Medical school, the subcutaneous fat found in women’s butts, hips, and thighs may protect them against health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.It actually curves off to one side and causes me a lot of pain and numbness when sitting.I have one hard lump right at the base of my spine, but it is crooked.

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