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Actually it is not possible to understand Krishna consciousness by practicing austerities, by following regulative principles, by chanting a certain number of rounds; even by reading books one can not understand Krishna consciousness.

They can not understand Krishna consciousness because they do not surrender to a pure devotee of Krishna.

We may know the philosophy of Krishna consciousness very nicely but if when we see a beautiful boy or a beautiful girl we are thinking of sex then we are not Krishna conscious. Of course sex is a very gross thing and some ‘devotees’ may be able to conquer this sex desire for the time being by the practice of austerities and penances and in this way they can also become very attractive and strong and determined and powerful. But still they may have no understanding of what Krishna consciousness actually is.

There are so-many of these non-devotees in the dress of gurus and sadhus on the Indian guru channels and they are doing a great business.

It doesn’t matter how much we strictly follow the brahminical principles, how much we chant, how much we read, how much we become great scholars and pundits, how many austerities we practice, how early we get up in the morning.

All these things, without surrender to an actual bona fide spiritual master, will not help us to become Krishna conscious.

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