Free one on one chat hook up no credit cards

"Some questions seem innocent, like asking what your mother's name is or what your parents do for a living.

They may ask for your home or work address to send you a gift." Such tidbits are invaluable currency for identity thieves.

Robert Siciliano, an identity theft expert and consultant for the security company Intelius, has posted fictitious profiles on dating websites for his job and says it's never long before a potential thief is in contact and professing love. They tell me how much they miss me and think about me." Then, says Siciliano, "they are in your home, rifling through your drawers, getting your account information." Dating services efforts Of course, online dating companies strive for customer protection.

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A "match" claiming to be able to help directs the person to a fictitious company website.Use the computer advantageously, says Jennifer Leuer, general manager for Protect My ID."Google their names, check them out on [social networking website] Linked In or use the Net's white pages." As you're investigating, make your own profile mysterious.Within a week, some tragic event happens, and he has no funds to return to the U.S." Because he has "proven" his wealth with the luxurious presents, he persuades his mark to send cash or credit card numbers so he can buy a plane ticket back home.

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