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In John Franck's review of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence for Allmusic, he stated: "Featuring extraordinary ambidextrous drummer Sammy Siegler (of Gorilla Biscuits/CIV fame), Glassjaw has paired up with producer/entrepreneur Ross Robinson (a key catalyst in the reinvention of the aggro rock sound) to take you on a pummeling ride that would make Bad Brains and Quicksand proud." These bands allowed the genre to grow and become much more varied with At the Drive-In taking influence from art rock and rock and roll, and Glassjaw using elements of both pop music and heavy metal; furthermore, bands such as Hell Is for Heroes, Hundred Reasons, Hondo Maclean and Funeral for a Friend took significant influence from metal bands like Pantera as well as hardcore bands like The Hope Conspiracy.

The genre gained widespread mainstream success thanks to post-hardcore bands, controversially labeled as emo, such as My Chemical Romance, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Thrice, The Used, Silverstein, Thursday and Hawthorne Heights.

but it would also help with the development and recording of the 1994 release For Your Own Special Sweetheart, considered by Andy Kellman as "one of the best releases to come out of the fertile D. and while MTV would air some videos by the group, which by the time of the release of their major-label debut Meantime, was considered then as "the only band close to the Seattle grunge sound" on the American East Coast and while the band had established by this point a strong underground fanbase, this would prove to be "the pinnacle of Hum's media attention", as its follow-up, 1998's Downward Is Heavenward would sell poorly, resulting in the decision of RCA to drop the band from their roster.

Record producer Ross Robinson, who was credited for popularizing nu metal with bands like Korn, Slipknot, Soulfly and Limp Bizkit in the 1990s, helped post-hardcore achieve popularity during the 2000s.

It has also been noted that since some post-hardcore bands included members that were rooted in the beginnings of hardcore punk, some of them were able to expand their sound as they became more skilled musicians.

which were active around the early 1980s, are considered to be forerunners to the post-hardcore genre.

Chicago's Naked Raygun, formed in 1981, has been seen as merging post-punk influences of bands such as Wire and Gang of Four with hardcore punk, Similarly, The Effigies, who also hailed from the Chicago scene, released music influenced by the hardcore of Minor Threat and the British post-punk of bands like The Stranglers, Killing Joke, and The Ruts.

A reviewer noted that the group's 1989's release Wrong was "one of the most aggressive and powerful opuses in post-hardcore ever made".

This movement was led by bands associated with the D. independent record label Dischord Records, home in the early 1980s to seminal hardcore bands such as Minor Threat, State of Alert, Void and Government Issue.

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