Classy dating worst cities for dating wichita

In fact, I learned the only way to date successfully and with intention is to be selfish. Dating is a great activity and can be loads of fun when viewed and handled properly.

It is the one area of life where it is necessary that everything revolves around me, myself, and I because you have to be honest, vulnerable & transparent with yourself as you assess the potential of the men you are contemplating dating. However, some date as if it’s a hobby and have watered down its importance.

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Dating with intention makes dating less complicated and more fun.

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Without it, you will waste your time, continue to get the same results you always have and get nowhere.

I mean dating with a goal, with purpose, with intent.

Your goal can be marriage or only to meet someone deserving of your time. Dating with intention means that you are dating to meet someone who is on the same wavelength as you are who makes you a better person and makes your life a bit sweeter.

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