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Since, an unhandled return-value of NULL usually creates a consecutive error in the application with unwanted and unforeseen consequences, I found the following solution to be quite helpful and at least save the application from crashing: You may or should also put a log-message or the sending of an email into the if-condition in order to get informed, once, one of your regular-expressions does not have the effect you desired it to have. I want to replace 'text' with '345' but this becomes a backreference to (which doesn't exist) and then it prints the remaining '34'.

[Editor's note: in this case it would be wise to rely on the preg_quote() function instead which was added for this specific purpose] If your replacement string has a dollar sign or a backslash. The function down below will return a string that escapes the backreferences.

With /e, the replacement string is a PHP expression.

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There seems to be some unexpected behavior when using the /m modifier when the line terminators are win32 or mac format.

Like the example from the manual for preg_replace:preg_replace("/()/e", "'\1'.strtoupper('\2').'\3'", $html_body); To make this easier, the data in a backreference with /e is run through addslashes() before being inserted in your replacement expression.

So if you have the string He said: "You're here"It would become: He said: \"You\'re here\" inserted into the expression.

OUTPUT: string(8) "some 345" string(11) "some 345" string(8) "some 345" string(11) "some 345" Warning: a common made mistake in trying to remove all characters except numbers and letters from a string, is to use code with a regex similar to preg_replace('[^A-Za-z0-9_]', '', ...).

The output goes in an unexpected direction in case your input contains two double preg_replace('[^A-Za-z0-9_]', '', 'D"usseldorfer H"auptstrasse')D"usseldorfer H"auptstrasse It is important to not forget a leading an trailing forward slash in the regex: echo preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9_]/', '', 'D"usseldorfer H"auptstrasse')Dusseldorfer Hauptstrasse PS An alternative is to use preg_replace('/\W/', '', $t) for keeping all alpha numeric characters including underscores.

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