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Many flashbacks and memories of Violetta have been seen and told by several characters that have met her during her childhood.

The first fact that was mentioned is that her mother died when she was 4 years old, and after that pain, her father decided to move away from Argentina to forget it.

The show continues with Gregorio become the director.

He decides to have a reality show which Violetta participates in.

When she returns to Buenos Aires, Violetta discovers her passion for music and starts attending Studio 21 (now On Beat Studio) behind her father's back.

In episodes 39-40 Violetta has to make a decision between attending the show that the Studio is putting on or her fathers wedding.

She ends up going to the show where she plays the lead role.

She can't decide who she loves the most: Tomas, her first love, or Leon, her first kiss.

She can get very confused sometimes and has trouble understanding her own feelings.

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