Updating garmin nuvi 750

While you can join maps of different countries, routing over the boundary is a bit shaky, and you will have one map overlaying the other with white background.

As long as mkgmap cannot create randomly shaped overview maps (currently only rectangles), this problem is not solvable.

It is usually a problem in OSM data.- Note 1: older GPS (non touchscreen) run slower the more maps are inside memory.

For 60CSx or Vista/Legend HCx I recommend to not use more than 2 GB of maps, else your GPS gets slow.

Qlandkarte GT/linux users only need to unzip the maps (7-zip lzma2 compresion e.g.

with p7zip) and open the map via Qlandkarte GT (choose and osmmap*.img).

Get Europe Map here (donation needed): installation you can choose the layout of the maps.

Traditional layout is for Qlandkarte GT, Mapsource and Basecamp and offers a good layout and design for big screens.

All maptiles are compiled with mkgmap using map data from & Contributors. Thanks to Geofabrik for providing the map data snapshots which I use to create the maps.

Alternative: Use create_bat or create_gmapsupp.img_with_and place the newly created into /garmin folder on your GPS. Send maps to GPS with mkgmap (for Unix users): FAQ- The address search is more or less working correctly now (problems related to OSM address data crazyness excluded).

Some problems with Umlauts may happen though.- General: Autorouting over (very) long distances on GPS works only with Via Points.

a way crosses another on a brigde, here no connecting node is the right solution).- If you use Windows 2000 you need to install the "reg" command : Reg cmd at Microsoft if you want to run the batchfiles (files).

The Batches are incompatible to earlier Windows versions.- Note sometimes sea is missing or lakes empty.

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