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I’ve had clients meet and get into serious relationships.” Lisa Rene Reynolds, Ph.D., author of “Still a Family,” says in her experience, the majority of newly divorced people now turn to online dating to meet a potential life partner.“The first time out of the gate, a person may dread it and not have any success,” she says.“But then they get back into it and it seems to work out for them.Nearly one in three Web users isn’t looking online for bargains or jobs.Some 30% have romance in mind, and are surfing the Internet for a boyfriend or girlfriend, according to a new poll.This year Japan has dropped two more points (49% of positive views) and is now in fifth place among all nations assessed.Negative views of Japan are at their highest since 2006, and have hit a record high of 90 per cent among Chinese (up from 74%).

The proportions of positive ratings in these three countries have concurrently decreased averages of two digits.

3 June 2014 – Views of Russia have strongly deteriorated since last year, as shown in the latest 24-country poll for BBC World Service conducted mostly before the events in Crimea.

Feelings have become more negative in 13 countries polled, and are the most negative since the poll began in 2005.

Among other nations, the urge to cyberdate isn’t quite as strong.

Twenty-one percent of Americans use the Internet for finding a partner, as do 16% of South Koreans, 28% of Brits and 27% of the French.

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