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* At the end of the ordering process, (Forum, Blogs, Chat, etc...), which you are a member of for life!

After working in this field for 18 years, I have learned that the number one reason people are unable to shift their eating habits is their own mind-set!

Break the negative thinking habit, and shift in to finding greater joy in life!

By having to come up with meals that her five children all enjoy, she has had to develop a repertoire of recipes that out of necessity are both delicious and easy to make!

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Our fresh, nutrient-dense, family-friendly version of the organic raw vegan plant-based diet...

Top-Left is Cleo at age 27 before discovering the Raw Vegan Diet!

These exercises will help you to sculpt a new body to go with your new lifestyle! Our Ground-Breaking 28 Day Well-Being Program cultivating inner joy, an absolutely essential ingredient for long-lasting health and fitness, is a major part of the 28 Days Raw Program!

We eat everything as fresh as possible, without the aid of supplements or superfoods.

We have found that this works best for the long term.

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