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The letter said: “Dear Rose, Go and see (New York District Attorney) O’Dwyer, and tell him I want to talk with him.” The next day Rose Reles paid a visit to the New York City District Attorney’s office.There she met Brooklyn assistant District Attorney Burton Turkus.To make matters worse, there was a ,000 bounty on his head. Edgar Hoover, ignoring Adolph Hitler, called Lepke “The Most Dangerous Man on Earth.” New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia added to Lepke’s angst when he ordered his police commissioner, Lewis J.

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While Magoon was babbling away in front of the jury, Goldstein jumped to his feet and screamed, “For God sake Seymour, that’s some story you’re telling. ” Both Goldstein and Strauss were found guilty, and at sentencing, the judge asked Goldstein if he had any final words to say.Happy Maione, Dasher Abbandando, and Mendy Weiss played dumb to the cops.But Blue Jaw Magoon and Allie Tannenbaum were eager to cut deals in order to avoid Sing Sing’s electric chair. 24, 1940, Reles was picked up for the murder of small-time crook, Red Alpert. flunkies had run to the Feds and implicated Reles in Alpert’s murder: small-time thug Harry Rudolph, who had witnessed the Alpert killing, and car-thief Dukey Maffetore.“Dimples” Wolensky was a long-time pal of Lepke’s; whom Lepke trusted without question.The Commission sent Wolensky to meet Lepke in hiding and to convince the fugitive the fix was in.

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