Wow updating azeroth models

Some sort of liberation effort would mark a very significant change to the world, and Jaina used to live there.It's Sylvanas' seat of power too, who is expected to have plenty to say in this expansion, and - as Wowhead point out - has a new statue at Blizz Con. Dozens of supposed expansion leaks have also been made up along the way, some believable, some deliberately not so much.Alexstrasza and Chromie have both been doing not a whole lot since Cataclysm, and Northrend's been mostly abandoned since before that too. In case you haven't been keeping up, Blizzard are trying something new for Blizz Con 2017 - a pre-show of sorts, with new videos every week in the lead up to the main event.All of that combined would suggest we'll be seeing a lot more of those characters, centered around the mess in Silithus coming with patch 7.3.2. They come in various series, one of which is a year in review.Nobody has ever heard of them, outside of theories that regular NPC Alleria Windrunner might fit the description after her adventures in Legion.

However, Blizz Con cover girl Jaina hasn't been seen in some time, previously spotted teleporting away disgusted with we heroes and our antics. Sylvanas disappeared a bit into Legion's storyline too, just after corrupting a few angels. Based on the Deaths of Chromie scenario added in patch 7.2.5, dragons are going to be quite key once we're a few levels into the next expansion. Update September 28, 2017: In case it were in any doubt, Blizzard's latest Blizz Con preview goes further that ever in hinting: yes, we're getting the next World of Warcraft expansion announcement at this year's show.

The leading theory at this point is that come the next expansion (or during a surprisingly large update, although that's far less likely), these sub-races will help bulk out the options given at character creation, Either way, it's good to see World of Warcraft still holds some mysteries after all these years, even if this one is relatively recent.

A blip in the system has hit as we prepare for the next World of Warcraft expansion, as Blizzard’s beta region updated the servers to 8.0 for a span of minutes today. The Blizz Con 2017 schedule has World of Warcraft's What's Next panel front and center.

In prior cycles the gap between tie-in and expansion has been anything between one and six months.

General knowledge would tell us 8.0 and everything else won't make it to us until late 2018, likely before Blizz Con but after Gamescom that year.

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