Litedating ru's lesson will address one I used to hear in school all the time! Here's the kind of thing I've heard way too many times: Lewis WEREN'T going to the lake today unless Ann went with him. What's going on in these sentences is that one of the wrong past tense forms of the verb "to be" (WEREn't) is being used instead of the correct one (WASn't).

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I hope you've all had a great week and have been able to relax and enjoy the summertime. ) Maddeningly, for me, a day doesn't go by without some mistake rearing its ugly little head!

Have you noticed any grammar errors on signs, in newspapers, on TV, and from people you've heard speaking? Since I've been writing this blog, I'm amazed to hear from so many people that feel as I do. And nearly everyone has pet peeves about our language. Now, please tell me that none of you would ever say anything like these examples!!

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