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To String(); Sql Connection obj Connection = new Sql Connection(str Connection); string query = "sp Get Em...' System. Update Data causes the following error: "Unable to cast object of type ' System. String'" The error seems to occur when a datawindow column value has been changed from null value. I tend to create work groups because friendly competition can keep things interesting and increase productivity.I try to attend SQL user group as much as I can and they are run internationally.

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Is that folder writable by the user running web server? Update error , "Unable to cast object of type ' System. String'" , using Data Set as a datasource Hi All, The following sample code is for testing dw. The data retrieval and display part under Form1_Load works fine.

Polish ones use inherits 'pl' and English ones inherits 'en'. Session' is a 'property' but is used like a 'method Hello, I'm trying to set my sessions into a class so I can set and access it easily.

I have created these pages but a error occured with 'using system' (CS1519: Invalid token 'using' in class, struct, or interface member declaration). Polish page (/pl/index.aspx): //Definig inherits from the class ' System.

Microsoft führt eine Onlineumfrage durch, um Ihre Meinung zur Msdn Website zu erfahren.

Wenn Sie sich zur Teilnahme entscheiden, wird Ihnen die Onlineumfrage angezeigt, sobald Sie die Msdn Website verlassen.

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