Too accommodating girlfriend bored

For the next two weeks all of a sudden she decided to go on a crash course with me.

I don’t even recall how we exchanged numbers or why we were communicating, but soon we were hanging out, doing homework together, going to a freaking nearby amusement park (and I hated roller coasters), texting and going to parties with one another. My big mistake was believing that she was actually interested in me.

I was the exact opposite of the type of guy she had been interested in the past.

I was known as a friendly guy, not quiet but not gregarious.

Only for the annoying site to start giving me issues and I’m not much of a troubleshooting person – I don’t even have the patience. May God grant us our heart desires according to His riches in glory.

Their friendship remains (I understand there are few different cases though).

On the other hand, a guy cheats on his girlfriend with her friend, girlfriend calls other friends, they gang up against the traitor(the friend), mock her, tweet about her, post the whole story on Facebook, puts everything on her BBM PM etc. Ever wondered why people get along with male bosses as opposed to female bosses?

My week has been alright so far – not that stressful compared to previous weeks.

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