Dating personal for widow

An inquest in January ruled he had been unlawfully killed after being 'tricked' into waiting by the roadside.That ruling has now been quashed, after an appeal from Ms Zuizina.Mr Mc Linden said he was asking on her behalf that 'all this ends' and the issue of whether she murdered Mr Pring was dealt with by the court as soon as possible.

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The row over Mr Pring's estate is now in its tenth year.

She has since started a new relationship with London property developer Ivan Lister, who attended the hearing.

Mr Pring is said to have been besotted with Miss Ziuzina despite his friends’ fears that she was a ‘gold-digger’.

Since his death, Mr Pring's family have insisted that Ms Ziuzina, a former stripper, should not benefit from his estate.

His brother Shaughan claims it is 'bloody obvious' that Ms Ziuzina murdered the IT consultant as part of a pre-arranged conspiracy.

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