Who is nikita dating

Michael also informs her of black boxes, and that she can't stop division.They later meet when Nikita gets her hands on the device and throws it on the tracks.Nikita asks why she has to do this mission, Michael tells her it wasn't his choice and reminds her that relationships with outsiders are dangerous.Nikita leaves without a word, and Michael looks conflicted.Michael tells her that it was Amanda's recommendation since Nikita was getting too invested in her "cover".After the mission is done, Michael promises Nikita that she'll never have to be Josephine again.On another mission, Michael shows up as Nikita's date to a black tie event.

Unknown to Michael, Nikita was planning to save Alex on this mission, thus defying Percy's orders.

Later that night, they return to the room joking about how the target didn't find Nikita attractive but instead Michael.

Nikita jokes that Michael is a honey trap and kisses him.

Angrily Nikita walks out saying she has nothing to live for anymore and goes to Amanda to override Michael. I warned you not to get emotionally attached.""You mean the way you did, with me? They meet at a party, and Percy tries to capture Nikita, but she escapes.

Michael was the agent assigned to kill Nikita when she went rogue, but he let her go, setting Nikita free from Division. Michael stops her in the alley at gunpoint, and asks why she came back.

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