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' And he called me within a minute or two," she claims.

"I asked him, 'If you were becoming the next Bachelor, would you at least have the decency to tell me?

"The breakup has been absolute hell for sure, but aside from this, he is a really great guy.

We had the best relationship and that's why it's so shocking to me when this [came] out and then you hate to question [the reason] because of his word but at the same time..."Following their breakup, Stempfley tells ET she had actually applied to be on the show after her friends encouraged her to audition.

' and he said, 'Yes, of course,' and then proceeded to tell me that he hadn't been contacted by producers, so he doubts that would even be a possibility.""So, when I found out he was becoming the next Bachelor a month after our break up, I'm sure you can imagine that I was completely blindsided," she adds.

When ET asked if she thought had anything to do with their breakup, she says, "I would like to think it didn't.""You can only believe what someone tells you, so, you know, there’s no proof that he had been auditioning or talking to producers at that point," she explains.

The 26-year-old receptionist exclusively opened up to ET’s Katie Krause about her more than one-year relationship with 35-year-old Luyendyk Jr., their emotional breakup and the shocking casting news.

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that’s all I know, is that at least on my end, yes, the relationship was monogamous," she explains. We made each other laugh and had just really a great relationship so I can’t complain there…

She says they even spent holidays together.“I attended all of his family holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas," she claims, adding that just within this year, she traveled with the reality star to three of his out-of-state races.“My family was head over heels about him," she shares.

"They thought he was very charming and very sweet and they really liked him.

She says she didn't get that far in the process, and "had no idea" that Luyendyk Jr. She says her ex was not aware she applied."I applied just about a week or so ago actually, not too long ago," she clarifies.

"I leaned on my girlfriends for support through this time and at one point they suggested that I apply for the show.""It had never really crossed my mind but I decided to do [it]," she continues.

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