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ron faae, was tied in a profuse expenditure of ^^ bows and ends,'' according to the plethoric taste of the last century, which may still be observed in the old dandies who carry their old fashions into this.The scanty re- mains of the stranger's hair were frizzed and dressed, and the scalp and forehead thickly larded with a.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Sl2 The Pleasures of the Table 220 The Anathema .228 A BONE TO PICK; TALXI OF IRISH REYENGE.paste of pomatum and powder, which covered the baldness, but could not conceal it, and placed the deformity of af- fectation upon the gracefulness of age.

On this principle, I hope mine will believe that the following pages were written in high health, high fortune, and high spirits. It is now several years since, by circumstances of no importance here, I was invited to dine one day with the Bar Club, in an Irish assize, town, on one of the south- ern circuits.The remainder of the matter, forming about three-fourths of the whole, has been written many months, and the book was intended to appear early in the present season. ^ 9 The Maison de Sant^ 28 The Sisterhood of Charity ..... I have seen a good deal, since that day, of celebrated scholars, writers, and wits ; but, whether it is the effect of early impression, or the real fact, I think every after-display of intellectual variety, which I have witnessed since that one, has been fade and inferior in comparison with it.This is stated merely to obviate the reproach of carelessly hurrying another novel, of more extended design, bat by no means of more pretension, than those I have hitherto written, and which I hope to offer to the ptiblic before the end of the present year. Some time after the cloth was removed, and while the bottle was going its cheerful rounds, every bumper smacking more freshly, from the fun with which it was A . 1 1 flavoared, the door of the room slowly opened, and a man entered and stopped, cautionslj holding the han- dle, neither advancing as if he had a right to come far- ther, nor shewing any exact evidence of his confessing himself an intruder.His look shewed none of the hereditary meanness which walks hand in hand with the wretchedness of the lower classes of Irish.His black coat was quite thread* bare, and its fashion of some years standing; but it fit- ted him, and did not hang loosely on the wearer, like an ill cut but not to be mistaken badge of beggary.

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