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Naturally this will affect the trellis construction.The more dense your trellis is, the stronger it becomes.For additional insulation you can opt to add a liner to your cover. Since a typical yurt is made with a wooden trellis for a wall (khana) you can adapt various off-the shelf windows or make one of thick pliable plastic with an optional zipper.

A standard door is 80 inches, adding 3-4 inches for the frame.

Since 8-foot studs are the most common length, you have some play as to how high you can make your walls.

7 feet is often a height used for the khana (wall).

Transfer of roof load to the ground A yurt is elegantly simple in how it holds the structure together and the way it distributes roof loads (the cover, rain and snow) down to the ground with the help of the tension bands, similar to how a wooden barrel is held together.

You can download Yurt construction manuals in PDF format below. The following is a summary of what to consider before purchasing materials.

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