Dating after young widowhood

Focus on your needs, not what others think is right or best for you.Fear: If the prospect of dating fills you with fear ask yourself what the fear is trying to tell you.Do you wonder how you will be able to support yourself and/or your children?Or are you wanting to meet someone but hold back out of fear of losing them?Numbness: Psychological Novocain is usually a sign that you are still dealing with the shock of your loss.It can be extremely beneficial to talk with a counsellor if you feel stuck in numbness and several months or more have gone by. Depression & Chronic Anxiety: As you likely know, it’s normal to feel intensely sad – especially during the early days of bereavement.This is important because it helps you to know what is driving you, what you need, and what is good for you at this particular point in your grief journey and life in general.It’s a good idea to start with sorting out your Motivation.

Are your values similar to or different from prevailing attitudes in your family or peer group?

Sort through what your difficult emotions are trying to tell you about what you need, right now.

Some of the most common and most challenging emotions are: Loneliness: Figure out what your loneliness is trying to tell you.

If you have been spending a lot of time alone, try and figure out what you truly need.

Are you still grieving and require more time to process your loss, or do you need to challenge yourself to connect with others to help you overcome isolation.

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