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I have set this to match the wired scope for lease of 1 day and Name Protection enabled.I will monitor the issue for a few days and update status as it progresses Sounds like you may have stumbled onto your issue -- that is, your AD integration means that your DHCP server is letting your DNS server know each time it assigns a lease.I've tried restarting the DHCP service on the server, and also deleting the DHCP lease and renewing it.Out of curiosity, I searched the registry for the old .11 address and came accross an entry under Net BT/Paremeters/Interfaces/Tcpip_random_characters) called "DHCPName Server List" which still has 12 and 11, but I don't want to edit that as I don't know what that's for.

For the zone in question i have refresh interval of 15 minutes, retry 10 minutes, expiration 1 day, TTL 1 hour. I had most of that in place but did find the DHCP lease time for the wireless scope was set to 7 days and Name Protection was not enabled.

Let me know if you need any further information Ok Great.

Appreciate thoroughness of your explanation I hope you have added DHCP server computer account to DNSUpdate Proxy group on DC If DHCP is located on a Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 DC, you can and must secure the DNSUpdate Proxy group by running the following: dnscmd /config /Open Acl On Proxy Updates 0 Check EE article for more information GDPR? But, if you collect data from customers or employees within the EU, then you need to know about GDPR and make sure your organization is compliant by May 2018.

If I do an ipconfig /release and /renew a few times, I can sometimes get the PC to pick up the 69 and 80 DNS settings.

If I then restart the PC, it picks up 11 and 12 again though.

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