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Last week, he filed a declaration stating she had a “habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol” that made him fear for the safety of her daughters.

Mel is also facing a defamation lawsuit brought by former nanny LORRAINE GILLES which could involve details of her wild sex life being revealed in court.

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The X Factor winner in 2009 is planning a collaboration with Britain’s Got Talent finalist CALUM SCOTT.So I was like, ‘Oh God now she’s going to call Woody Allen and tell him I stole her dog.’ “It was the weirdest thing.I just found her dog.” That sounds like it could be the plot for a new Woody Allen film in the making.But I hear that things fizzled out after Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter in May last year.The couple parted ways amicably and very privately soon after.

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