Hk web cams

Stimulate your baby with jungle animals, sea creatures and explore space on the wall or ceiling using the light show projector.

As the best calming sound to help sooth your baby is always the parent’s voice, use two way communication to hear and speak to them.

Discover fascinating locations via livestream from your home now!

The Government Flying Service has made available 31 short air tour videos of various locations around Hong Kong and these can be viewed here; Kong Tourism Board has several videos available on its Discover Hong Kong website News Channel; Hong Kong live 24 hours a day through the Transport Department's webcams.

The earth TV camera has returned to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, capturing the view from the legendary The Peninsula Hotel across the stunning skyline of the Chinese metropolis.

From here, celebrities like Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor have enjoyed this truly majestic panorama of Central Victoria and the busy harbour of the former crown colony.

Humidity plays a key part in the quality of your baby’s sleep and how well they breathe.

Use with the Motorola Smart Nursery 7 or Smart Nursery Cam and capture and analyse on an hourly and daily basis using the dashboard on your Hubble Connected for Smart Nursery app to be able see and control the humidity level.

When crying is detected help stimulate or calm your baby with soothing natural sleep sounds, lullabies, night light and the projector.

The night light can be remotely switched off and on using your smartphone and will provide a dim glow through the night to help to check that everything is ok.

Use alongside the Smart Nursery 7 or Smart Nursery Cam to discover how the Dream Machine helps you to learn more about your baby and their environment.

This Special Administrative Region of China was part of the British Empire until 1997, hence its capitalist economy, English speaking locals and strong currency.

Hong Kong is situated on the south coast of China and consists of mainland Kowloon peninsula and 236 islands.

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