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Sheree Whitfield was one of the former housewives on the show.

She was friends with Kim but the two had a falling out. Sheree was the wife of a former NFL player named Bob Whitfield.

She has a daughter named Riley and has a fun relationship with most of the ladies.

Kenya Moore was a former Miss USA and dates a man named Walter.

She has issues with Porsha who is a former NFL star's wife.

Porsha becomes friends with Nene and the other ladies.

About CBS Television Stations Group (Formerly Paramount Stations Group), a division of CBS Inc., officially entered the Atlanta market September 1, 1995, acquiring WVEU-TV from BCG Communications, which held the license since sign-on in 1981.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a reality show that airs on the Bravo network.She and her husband Kordell have a good relationship and are trying to start a family after she had a miscarriage due to an ovarian cyst.The drama is always forefront of the series and cat fights and hurt feelings are in every episode.She also tried her hand at being a fashion designer.She famously holds a fashion show with no fashion and only has sketches of her designs.

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