Shes dating other guys

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Things are going great, don't throw a wrench at the situation just yet. She goes out alot and has said in conversation that she's "dating". Since, I'm begininng to get emotionally invested, I dont want to have to deal with that.

So, I've been on 3 really good dates with this girl so far. We've both said that we feel like we've known each other for awhile. Because it's going so well, I'm curious as to wether or not she is dating other people.

In your post, you've said NOTHING about what you are trying to accomplish as a partner in a relationship, rather you have written as though the STRUCTURE of what has happened between you should be the controlling factor in where the relationship goes, or that the relationship SHOULD follow YOUR theory of "proper dating etiquette." If you expect her to limit her behaviors WITH YOU to purely "friend" things, while she is dating others, that's fine, just TELL her that, so that SHE can decide whether that's what she wants with you.

You appear to want her to follow your "rules of dating" without bothering to tell her what they are.

Part of me thinks to "compete" but my other half says "screw this, im not gonna grovel over some girl. You are struggling with all the ASSUMPTIONS you've built up about dating and love. Calm down, and challenge yourself a bit intellectually about this.Don't back her into a corner and grill her with a bunch of questions but you might want to ask her what she is looking for in a relationship to get some idea if she is looking for an LTR a FB a man to be one of many in her stable of stallions etc.. I do this mainly at the point where it starts getting physical because I don't want to be sharing that with someone who is doing that with other women at the same time.I would keep your options open and be messaging and meeting other women take it slow and have some fun while you are at it. If hypothetically things could be stalled at the point where we're not physical at all, then I probably wouldn't need to ask, but how often does that happen when two people really like each other and are all excited in the beginning of a potential relationship?If you stay where you are, silently harboring resentments about her continuing to enjoy her life, you WILL destroy the relationship anyway, so that is NOT an option. now you can qualify your neediness by describing how you spent 6 wonderful hours together and shared lots of personal information on every single date, i don't care. Of course i would like a commitment, but I'm not an idiot. The point is I dont know if i am comfortable growing a relationship, which is an extremely personal thing to me, with someone who is trying to do it with someone else at the same time.find it within yourself to feel more emotionally secure with this person and whatever the pace is for the relationship, because you don't get to drive this train all by yourself, or your insecurity is going to find a way to assert itself openly, she will see it, and then lose interest in you. Until you two TALK and BOTH agree to be exclusive she can date anyone she wants. I would think most people would agree that isnt exactly ideal.

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