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This was executive produced by American Idols own Ryan Seacrest, whose mother should be ashamed. The show began with extended teasers for a season Im planning to ignore, and ended with a vicious fight between mom Khalood Bojanowski, who was born in Basra, Iraq, and Vita Alexander, an ICU nurse in the military who defends the Iraqi people. Its telling when The Bachelor would be a huge step up for you.

and Ive sat through the Tuesday premiere of Mommas Boys on NBC. You can tell by the fact that the three boys were all but invisible. Sure, there are girls like Megan, who works at an animal shelter and is already the house mother, but she is a sweet wallflower who is WAY TOO GOOD for this show. Id like to have a special closet just for lingerie with a special changalier in it.

The fantastic exhibition of Francisco Goya’s album, these days titled , is on at the Courtauld Gallery, London until 25 May this year.

Goya doesn’t just move beyond the stereotypes (witch, hag, harridan, sex-starved madwoman, old maid, harpie, repulsive crone, spiteful bitch, obscene lustress, overdue corpse): he treats and overturns them. At first glance, a decaying, over-prettified woman seems to be preening herself in her finery before a looking glass, rightly whispered about by the sneering dandies in the background.

You can even hear some being read if you follow this link:

Then there are a burgeoning number of films in a trend towards foregrounding older characters that arguably started with …

Old age brings rages, Goya seems to tell us – and, perhaps more unexpectedly, energy and strength; but joy and pleasure too.

Think Mary Wesley, who began writing adult fiction at the age of 71, but whose palette was broad and deep.) Internet articles are more and more celebrating older women artists and their work.If someone is labeled a “late bloomer”, the question poses is, “Late” according to whom?’ ( Note that Bloom is for readers as well as creators, so even if we’re not arty, we should use it, and support it to the hilt.(though these border on cliché here and there, not to mention the obligatory comedy and happy ending). By commenting on and reviewing such literature etc. And with the internet, there’s the scope for mass evangelising.Some of this can come from older writers and artists, can’t it, since they know whereof they speak?

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