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(I noticed about half an hour later when I opened my desk drawer where it’s kept, but that was the first time I’d left my desk since putting it in that drawer.)The tablets all have tracking apps, but when I pulled it up it still showed the office’s location, so it’s not like some random stranger broke in, took my i Pad out of my desk, and left.

I assumed someone in the office had borrowed it (weird, but it made more sense than anyone stealing it) and waited until the end of the day to see if it got returned. (If I had it to do over, I’d send out an email to my officemates asking if anyone had seen it, but I was so nervous that I hated to draw attention to the disappearance.) When I pulled up the tracking info later, from home, it showed my boss’s address.

I think it should be safe to leave these things on/in your desk in a closed (to the public) office with at most six people in it.

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If your computer can't look up IP addresses quickly, it seriously slows down your browsing.

Our admin was short on her petty cash by 0 once, and this manager told her she must have calculated wrong.

The same woman who thought she had money missing was complaining one day that she couldn’t find her parka, but she never followed up on it so for all I know she found it again, so that’s even more iffy.

Should I file a police report like I would if it showed a stranger’s address?

There’s one other thing—while I was trying to figure this out, I remembered that there have been a few weird incidents in our office.

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