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Whether that means finding the perfect meeting room location, providing high quality professional video conferencing facilities or assembling a complete conferencing package tailored to your needs.Eyenetwork is your trusted partner in meetings of any kind, and it doesn’t stop there.

We are here for practicalities, but are also happy to brainstorm about the possibilities for specific occasions.

‘Our scope of practice, one could say, is womb to tomb,’ Dr Lewis said.

‘Nothing bothers me too much as far as procedures go.’ But he added: ‘If the smell is bad it can be really tough.’ To relieve the pain, take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Avoid wearing contact lenses and eye makeup until the stye has burst and healed.

He uses the syringe twice to break the skin of her lid before squeezing hard, breaking the spot and releasing some blood.

And despite the medic using a needle to poke the stye extremely close to her eyeball, the woman does not even flinch.

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